-Excerpt from the best-selling book Harley & Heloise, 
by R.  Antrobus

Meet Children's Author R. Antrobus

In a split second, something shot like a cannon out of the woods.  It was as fast as a black jaguar, with the power of a locomotive...

Under pen name R. Antrobus, Mrs. Rebecca Kwiatkoski has written 4 children's books.  Harley & Heloise...Its a Rescue, Moose is Loose, and Paisley You're Crazy explore the heart-felt bond between children and animals. Please click the links to read the Press Release and the Daily Record Article.  

Her latest book, Bo's Pond, is about a northern pond snake searching for a family to call his own.  The author captures her readers as Bo slithers through the seasons and across the pages determined to find someone or something to fill the void in his heart.  Click here to read the press release!  The author will be selling copies at Adams Pet Safari in Chester NJ on National Reptile Day on October 21, 2017 from  11 am to 2 pm!!

We can't wait to see what imaginative yarn she weaves next!