Harley & Heloise...It's a Rescue!


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Harley & Heloise...It's a Rescue! is based on the real-life adoption of the author's Rottweiler/Husky mix dog, Harley. 

The book has been written for all those that love animals and understand the impact a pet can have on one's life or in one's family.  It was also written to bring rescue awareness and the understanding that all animals deserve a loving home.

This book is geared toward second and third graders and up, and can be used by students, parents and teachers as an educational tool to reinforce simple reading skills found woven throughout the book.  (prediction, suspense, word attack skills and vocabulary by use of a glossary)

The book also teaches young children about the thrills, challenges, responsibilities and sometimes unexpected rewards of rescuing and owning a pet.

Loved by parents and children alike,  order your copy today for fun and educational reading!